We want to instill a love of learning in your child. We teach your child to develop and build a solid foundation in the basic skills of Language Arts and Mathematics so that he/she can confidently approach any problems presented. From grade 4 specialized subjects such as Geography, History and Botany are formally introduced once your child is able to observe and understand the world with greater perspective. This new perspective comes as he/she grow into their awakening sense of self.

From sixth grade to eight grade, you child is guided to a deeper understanding of the world around them through subjects such as Geology, Physiology, Astronomy etc. Our goal is now to open the eyes of the adolescent to the wonders and marvels of the world so that they can confidently step out and pursue their own learning with curiosity, enthusiasm and interest. As your child get older he/she need more complex content which requires deeper exploration to stimulate their growing faculties of critical and abstract thinking.

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