Practical ideas to organize your children’s toys

How should you organize your children´s toys? The world’s most famous businesswoman and organization consultant has many fantastic resources on the process of decluttering and organizing.




Marie Kondo organization



Some of Marie´s Kondo best tricks for organizing toys are:



This is similar to how she organizes everything, including clothing and other household objects. Use a different basket or other container for each category.



They’re especially helpful for kids (and you) to easily see what’s inside—no looking around for the right toys. Stack them vertically in baskets, rather than throwing them in, to save space.



Kondo is known for her «spark joy» method, and it applies to kids’ toys too. Keep only the best toys, or the ones your kids are still playing with. Ask them to donate the ones they don’t love anymore to a child who will. This can help to free up precious space—and make room for new toys to enter.





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