Our Promise

is to provide meaningful learning experiences which develop the intellectual, emotional, and social skills that our students need to create a purposeful life and to guide them through the process of identifying themselves with the values they want to uphold while having a positive impact on society.

Our Strengths

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The educational experience at Trinus is based on one hundred years of proven methodology grounded in the Waldorf pedagogy.

To play (heart)

In Trinus we emphasize that game time should not be substituted for academic time. Through play, your child will go beyond his self-centeredness and expand his knowledge of his social world (Rogers and Sawyers, 1988), learning to share, cooperate, lead, and reach an agreement. This is one of the most important life lessons from a young age, and it is learned through play.

To work (hands)

By helping with easy tasks that mimic the chores done at home, your child will contribute and hence, understand that his or her work has a positive impact on society. By consistently completing these tasks he or she develops organizational skills, listening skills, along with fine motor skills, and improves his or her working memory.

To create (brain)

All the materials we use at Trinus seek to stimulate your children’s creativity. For example, the dolls don’t have faces so children can imagine the color and size of the eyes and mouth. There are also blocks for  them to continue developing their divergent thinking, for instance to find various uses for an object. Just as the materials stimulate their creativity, the activities do too. The theater awakens the imagination of children where they create images in their heads.

A proven methodology grounded in the Waldorf Pedagogy that focuses in the development of the brain, the heart, and the hand.

Our spaces are intentionally designed to optimize the learning experience that nurtures the creativity of each child.


«Our kids are happy to go to Trinus every since day. Their development and growth is amazing. We couldn’t have chosen a better education for them.»

«Since Trinus opened its doors, we have been part of the Trinus family and I could not be more pleased with the choice. The Waldorf pedagogy has transformed not only my daughters’ education, but also our family dynamics. I have learned to relax and enjoy time with them more, without obsessing over numerical grades or rigid standards. Understanding that each child reaches different milestones at their own pace and that being happy in the process not only enhances their learning, but fixes it forever, has been a positive lesson for me.

What I love most about Trinus is how the educators get to know my daughters on a personal level and focus on enhancing their abilities rather than pointing out their weaknesses. This personalized attention has made my daughters feel valued and understood, which has strengthened their love of learning and their self-confidence. I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Trinus family and look forward to continuing to see the school grow and improve with the same dedication and passion they have shown so far.»


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