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Creating Waldorf Spaces at Home

Written by Tahnee Moore Trinus’ Early Childhood rooms are spaces we immediately connect with and feel we would like our children to be in. What is it that we are instantly resonating with? Here I am going to share the pedagogical intention and reasoning behind them so you too can bring Waldorf into your home.  […]

Ideas on appropriate behavior rewards

by Carrie Riley There comes a time in every parent or educator´s day experience and routine where we have a golden opportunity to encourage the right kind of behavior we strive for in our homes or classes. There are many daily examples. Your child eats their meal. They use the bathroom. They clean up their […]

Dyslexia can be overcome with nursery rhymes and music

In Trinus, our children learn the multiplication tables by moving and clapping, by stepping in a rhythmical way. We integrate music in all the subjects, it is not treated as a separate subject. This benefits all children but particularly children with dyslexia. In the following article written by Sarah Knapton, she mentions how rhymes and […]

How To Teach to Add Fractions?

If you teach your child the math concepts with things they are familiar with it will be easier for them to understand it. We want to provide you with a story to tell your child and to make it live together. All you will need is two empty jars, a Sharpe, and beans. Ready? Martin […]

Reading Recommendations

This is a great list of stories to tell your children!  You may think that some stories in this list can be scary for your children, but remember, as Miss Marcie says in her article about the importance of storytelling, «What is important to know is that a child will only imagine a picture in his mind […]

¿Cómo funciona una escuela Waldorf de Primaria?

Muchas personas, por lo general padres de familia que conocen la pedagogía Waldorf y tienen a sus hijos en un colegio inspirado en esta pedagogía, como el nuestro, se preguntan sobre el paso que dan los niños cuando llegan a la primaria. ¿Los niños siguen teniendo juego libre tanto como en preescolar? ¿Cómo aprenderán a […]

Class One Curriculum Overview

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