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Inclusion in Education in Guatemala, is it Lacking?

Written by Rocío Colina, President of 502 Down Syndrome In Guatemala, we lack of options for schools with inclusive education. There are only a few schools that are open to inclusion, even though education is a human right of every child, regardless of his or her capacities. In some cases, schools are willing to open […]

Benefits For Kids Learning A Second Language

Author Bio: Cristin Howard runs Smart Parent Advice, a site that provides parenting advice for moms and dads. Cristin writes about all of the different ups and downs of parenting, provides solutions to common challenges, and reviews products that parents need to purchase. It can be challenging to help your child learn a second language. […]

Does Music Make You Smarter?

By Amanda Jones, Trinus Educator The long-contended phrase goes “Music makes you smarter.” Is this true to some degree? Is it true at all? It’s more easy to believe this about some types of music more than other types of music.  This is evidenced by the popularity of playing certain classical music for children before […]

Guatemala me da tanto

Escrito por  Gabriela de Erichsen Queridos amigos guatemaltecos,  Septiembre es el mes en que Guatemala se viste de azul y blanco, colores que representan nuestra bandera, la camiseta que nos identifica como chapines, nuestro orgullo. Mes donde recordamos los textiles coloridos que forman parte de nuestra identidad, donde repasamos nuestros únicos y emblemáticos símbolos patrios; […]

Adversity, An Opportunity to Build Resilience

Written by Gabriela de Erichsen Since March, Guatemala, and the whole world has been facing an uncertain situation through this pandemic.  This situation has affected not only the economic area but also the emotional well-being of all humankind. It is very important for us parents to be strong for our kids.  We have to keep […]

Great Games for Kids

Written by Cristin Howard from Smart Parents Advice Children get bored easily, and keeping them entertained can be hard work. Great games for kids can spike up a birthday party with friends. In a family setting, they can also create special moments and fantastic memories for years to come. Regardless of your child’s age, you […]

What Are The Benefits of Crafts?

Written by Julie Moon As Ingun Schneider remarks in her article “Supporting the development of the hand,” many children today are using their hands almost exclusively to manipulate electronic devices such as computer mice, and are increasingly unable to hold a pen/pencil with any confidence or skill. Traditional craft skills such as knitting, are not […]

How to Explain Fractions to A Child?

How do you introduce your children to fractions? To do so, we will begin with a story. Please grab an apple, and a knife, and tell your children the following story. Ask him/her to cut the apple as the story evolves. Helpful tip, I encourage you to change the names of the children in the […]

How to Establish a Daily Rhythm

We know the importance of having a daily rhythm, especially in this circumstance that we need to stay at home. Today is the day you will get your daily rhythm created and mapped out! We are going to help you. We are sharing with you this article where you will find great ideas and tips […]

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