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Preparing for Life

The New York Times sparked national media coverage with its front page story on why Silicon Valley parents are turning to Waldorf education. This film, created by the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, picks up where that story left off. «Preparing for Life» takes viewers inside the School where the focus is on developing the […]

Tips para fortalecer la inteligencia emocional en los niños

Escrito por Gabriela de Erichsen El pasado jueves tuvimos nuestro segundo “Growing Up Together” del año. Este programa está diseñado para nuestros papás Trinus y su objetivo principal es proveer herramientas y conocimiento que apoyen el crecimiento y formación en la tarea de primeros educadores. Para contribuir al desarrollo de personas creativas y libres que […]

A Unique Approach in Teaching Social Studies

Interview made to Miss Petersen, Main Grades Educator in Trinus. How do you engage your students in social studies lessons? It depends on the age of the students. Currently, I am teaching grade 6 and a big way of engaging them is through discussions- By asking and listening to their opinions of the content that […]

Transitioning to the Waldorf System

Written by Miss Petersen A question we get asked a lot at Trinus is: “How will my child cope with the move from a traditional system to Trinus?” In answer to this question, I would like to share: A picture of what your child will be transitioning to Some of my experiences with my class […]

Nurturing Your Child

By Carrie Riley I would like to share information on Waldorf philosophy and ways we can reinforce the rhythms at home.   Rhythm Rhythm- is structure, it is what brings order out of chaos and we all know how chaotic life can be with young children.  When we provide a rhythmical day for the little […]

Our Children Learning About Business

Written by Cassandra Escobar, Trinus co-founder In Class 6 our students learn business economics and then put these skills into practice by starting and running their own business!  It is an amazing way to teach our students about how our society functions.  It is also an opportunity for them to learn that when we work […]

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