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How can you teach your child the qualities of the four processes?

Math has a quality and quantity part. For math to come alive, it is important that the children understand the quality of the four different processes of math first and then we can introduce the quality side. The following story is one way to introduce them to the different quality of each process.   Deep, […]

5-day activity to improve reading

Our objective with reading should not be only for them to learn how to read but to LOVE reading. So they become life long learners.  Before we go into reading, it is important to know how human beings started to write. Hans Tholken, who taught in Trinus, makes us go back in time and says […]

How to Make Multiplication Circles

You will need: Wooden circle Nails or tacks Hammer Pencil Marker Yarn   Draw a circle with a pencil. The easiest way is to make a mark with a marker at 12 and 6 o´clock. Place four marks evenly in the two halves. Then number the marks starting at 0 at the 12 o´clock mark […]

Guiding Children to Solve Problems

What is the role of adults in the lives of children?  Many times we wonder about this. How are we disciplining them when they do not make the right choice?  Here are some tips suggested by «Love and Logic Institute» an entity created during the early 1980s to research the area of discipline and behavior […]

What are Waldorf Toys?

Written by Sarah Baldwin from Bella Luna Toys When I am asked by a new acquaintance what I do for a living, I explain that I am a former Waldorf teacher and that sell and share my love of Waldorf toys. I am frequently met with a blank stare, in which case I know that more […]

Creating a Nature Table

By Tahnee Moore If you haven’t yet created a nature table with your children this is the perfect time to begin.  The nature table is an ongoing project that connects us to the seasons and what is happening in nature.  It is a place to cultivate reverence and wonder. To inspire and add beauty.  We […]

The Importance of Repetition in Early Childhood

Today we want to share with you why repeating a story to children becomes so important. Believe me, they want to hear it again. I am sure you have heard a child say, “Tell it again!”   As mentioned by Sarah Baldwin in her blog, sometimes we forget how much children love repetition. It gives […]

Making a Mud Kitchen

Written by Tahnee Moore   A mud kitchen ticks all the boxes for holistic developmental play with toddlers. It is a sensory activity that connects children to the elements (sand, dirt, water, flowers, seed pods, etc.) and it allows them to play out adult roles.  It is free form, imaginative and open. Feeling that their […]

Too Much Screen Time Harmful for Kids’ Development (Especially Those Under Age 5)

By Healthessentials It all adds up. The cartoon while eating breakfast. Watching YouTube while you cook dinner. And then, again after bath time before bed? Preschool age kids shouldn’t have more than one hour of screen time a day, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. But a new study examined whether excessive screen time during preschool years […]

The Harmful Effects of Too Much Screen Time for Kids

Written By  Amy Morin, LCSW Today’s children have grown up with a vast array of electronic devices at their fingertips. They can’t imagine a world without smartphones, tablets, and the internet. The advances in technology mean today’s parents are the first generation who have to figure out how to limit screen time for children. While […]

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